Docker Training

Docker Training - Container Mastery

Docker training gives you the skills needed to master Docker containers, understand the underlying technologies that make containers possible and to take full advantage of the features containerisation has to offer.

Docker Skills in High Demand

Containerization is central to cloud native architectures and understanding how Docker works to ensure process isolation, manage images and container networking is necessary to truly manage container infrastructure and build robust cloud native applications.

Our Docker training course not only covers how to create, deploy and maintain containers but how to orchestrate containers with Docker Swarm. Get the skills you need for the Forth Industrial Revolution - Get Docker Training.

Training Locations

We train across Africa and the world. We have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Looking for on-site, customised training? Contact us. We can take your requirements and build a course to suit your environment, skill levels and goals.

Training Approach

Our courses focus on hands on labs to ensure students acquire the practical skills  necessary to complete tasks in their day-to-day tasks. Our instructors has years of practical experience building solutions that allows them to enhance the training with real world experience.


Docker Training Course Details

Course Days Price(ZAR) Ex Vat
Docker Training 3 R12,500

Docker Training Course Outline

Docker Training Course Objectives

  • Container Technology Overview
    • Application Management Landscape
    • Application Isolation
    • Container Resource Control & Security
    • Container Types
    • Container Ecosystem
  • Lab Tasks
    • Container Concepts LXC
    • Container Concepts Systemd
  • Managing Containers
    • Installing Docker
    • Docker Control Socket
    • Creating a New Container
    • Listing Containers
    • Viewing Container Operational Details
    • Running Commands in an Existing Container
    • Interacting with a Running Container
    • Stopping, Starting, and Removing Containers
  • Lab Tasks
    • Docker Basics
  • Managing Images
    • Docker Images
    • Listing and Removing Images
    • Searching for Images
    • Downloading Images
    • Committing Changes
    • Uploading Images
    • Export/Import Images
    • Save/Load Images
  • Lab Tasks
    • Docker Images
    • Docker Platform Images
  • Creating Images With Dockerfile
    • Dockerfile
    • Caching
    • Docker build
    • Dockerfile Instructions
    • ENV and WORKDIR
    • Running Commands
    • Getting Files into the Image
    • Defining Container Executable
    • Best Practices
  • Lab Task
    • Dockerfile Fundamentals
  • Docker Networking
    • Overview
    • Data-Link Layer Details
    • Network Layer Details
    • Hostnames and DNS
    • Local Host <--> Container
    • Container <--> Container
    • Container <--> Container: Links
    • Remote Host <--> Container
  • Lab Tasks
    • Docker Networking
    • Docker Ports and Links
  • Docker Volumes
    • Volume Concepts
    • Creating and Using Volumes
    • Changing Data in Volumes
    • Removing Volumes
    • Backing up Volumes
    • Mapping Devices
  • Lab Tasks
    • Docker Volumes
  • Docker Compose
    • Concepts
    • Compose CLI
    • Defining a Service Set
  • Lab Tasks
    • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
    • Concepts
    • Swarm CLI
    • Docker Stack
  • Lab Tasks
    • Swarm CLI



Kaofela :: Botswana Revenue Services

Training was very practical and I liked the troubleshooting skills demonstrated which will help me greatly at work

Jason :: SEDA

Very pleasant training that covered a broad range of topics which exceeded expectation

Mayshiya :: Auditor General

I loved the relevance of the training content towards my daily work and improved knowledge for making relevant recommendations

Leeto :: ABSA

Thanks for everything, experience was great and worth every cent.

Thato :: FNB

The training was great and opened interesting channels that I never knew existed.

Saleha :: Bankserv Africa

I loved the practical examples and channels explored plus the instructor created an engaging environment.

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About Us

Jumping Bean is a open source integration & training company that's been delivering solutions to customers for over 20 years.


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We build long relationships with our customers that helps improve & understanding their needs. We offer customised solutions & training to meet business requirements.

Our clients include large & small businesses in South Africa & across the globe.  We offer both remote and on-site support.

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We are passionate about open source & pride ourselves with living on the bleeding edge of technology innovation. Our customers lean on our practical experience with emerging technologies to ensure they get the benefits of early adopters & avoid the pitfalls.

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